The fermentor structure for anatomy fermentation can be more simple

Fermented tank and air rising fermenter. The fermenter for good gas fermentation is due to the need to access a lot of sterile air to the can, and for the purpose of accessing the air, it is more messy in the structure of the fermenter, which is commonly used.

The requirements for such fermentors are: can be turned off; accept must be pressure; there is a cooling equipment; minimize equipment, eliminate equipment, eliminate dead angles, easy to clean. The structure of the fermenter is more complicated. Today, I will tell you that fermentation equipment is cleaned to cleanse method! The fermenter equipment adopts an internal circulation, dispersing and crushing the bubble with stirring paddle, and its oxygen rate is high, and the mixing effect is good.

The tank is adopted by SUS304 or 316L imported stainless steel, and it is equipped with an automatic spray cleaning head to ensure that the production process meets GMP requirements. For the internal side angular angle, it is not easy craft beer brewery equipment Manufacturers to disinfect, and the general fermenter has an automatic cleaning device, completely sterilized after cleaning.

The fermentor structure for anatomy fermentation can be more simple. Therefore, traditional cleaning and sterilization methods do not play any effect. .Fermentation tank apparatus for cleaning sterilization in cans is a complex fermentation apparatus for internal structures.

Alcohol and beer are free fermentation products, and the fermenter does not need to pass expensive sterile air, and therefore, when the equipment is amplified, produced, and operated, it is much more than the good fermentation apparatus

Considering the diameter of the human pore tube is heavier

Considering the diameter of the human pore tube is heavier, so the horizontal hanging man is selected. Just loose the bolt when the bolt is maintained, and the hook is hung by the hook, it is not necessary to remove the cover. There is a hook and pin in the human pore structure. .

The design of the design reaction medium is a fermentation solution and water, and the fermented solution in the container is 35 ° C, the cooling water in the jacket is 25 ° C, and the outlet temperature is 30 ° C. Design, according to the current state, the current standard GB150-2011 "Pressure Vessel", TSG21 "Secure Technology Supervision Procedures for Fixed Pressure Vessels".

The process and strength knowledge of the jacket stirred fermenter in order to achieve mixing uniform mixed liquid, the emulsion, the emulsion, and strengthen the transfer of the uniform mixed liquid, the emulsion, the envelope can be fully dispersed in the liquid Wholesale fermentation tanks in the liquid. Or chemical reactions, preparing a uniform suspension, which causes solids to accelerate dissolution, dip or liquid-cured reaction.

Since the two dielectric temperature difference is not large, in order to strengthen heat transfer, prevent local overheating or too cold, select the jacket stirring reaction can: introduce the design process of the jacket stirring the fermenter, mainly including the selection of the design, process design, intensity Design computing and structural design, etc

It can be operated through the plate buffer tank

The effect is the best) to give full play to the advantages of a single effect can alleviate the urgent production needs. The large area of ​​the condensing cooler can be used for single-effect or combined concentration single-unit production. When two units are produced at the same time, it is a single-effect production. If the solvent is recovered, it can be operated through the plate buffer tank in the vacuum protection system.

Reminder: Double-effect energy-saving concentrator products have today, and the progress of science and technology is indispensable. Today, the product is deeply loved by many industries, and it also has many other categories, and each type is widely used.

However, when buying products, you can't choose manufacturers at will, you should compare them to choose the products that suit you. 100L vegetable oil extraction tank technical parameters: extraction tank volume: 0.1m3, raw material feeding amount: 5~20Kg/batch, minimum feeding amount 5KG, stainless steel three-layer structure, outer layer polyurethane foam insulation, middle layer heat transfer oil heating, inner layer polishing , with medicinal material leaching blue.

System configuration: stainless steel extraction tank (100L), China Industrial brewing System Suppliers tubular condenser (condensing area 3M2), coil type cooler (condensing area 0.5M2), oil-water separator (volatile material in recyclable materials Aroma oil), stainless steel concentration tank (50L), stainless steel pipe filter, pipe sight glass, stainless steel water ring vacuum pump (power 1.5KW), Omron temperature controller, vacuum meter, stainless steel medicinal material extraction blue, electric Heater (total power 18KW), sanitary safety valve, electrical control cabinet, connecting pipes and fittings valves, etc.

The unit comes with an evaporative concentrator, the evaporation capacity (clean water): 8~20 Kg/h, low temperature concentration, dynamic circulation evaporation, effectively solve the problem that the heat exchange efficiency decreases with the increase of concentration, save energy consumption, improve work efficiency, and higher concentration efficiency , the concentration of the specific gravity can reach 1.1 ~ 1.3 (traditional Chinese medicine extract). 

The self-prepared parts and safety valves of the equipment itself must be installed

This kind of basic liquid distribution tank with jacket has the function of heating or cooling or heating and cooling, which can speed up the liquid distribution, affect the reaction rate or reaction point, different process temperatures, pressures, and materials prepared by the same equipment It is not the same, so the key control points for the use of the dosing tank are temperature and pressure, and the ratio.


The self-prepared parts and safety valves of the equipment itself must be installed in accordance with the liquid distribution tank. The form of mixing is different according to different materials, different process China malt brewery tank group Manufacturers or working conditions. It should be installed on a firm and flat workbench. After running empty for 30 minutes without abnormal noise or vibration, it can be put into production formally. The tank body is designed with material inlet, pure water port, discharge port and other process nozzles, which can provide the conditions for the liquid preparation process.


According to customer requirements, PLC can be used for automatic control, and the products meet GMP sanitary requirements. 2. It is suitable for small laboratories or enterprises without steam source. At the same time, the medicinal solution mixing tank is used for the extraction of Chinese and Western medicines or the synthesis of proportioning solutions, acid-base neutralization, and post-decomposition reactions.


The functional characteristics of the liquid mixing tank The most basic function of the liquid mixing tank is preparation and mixing, that is, stirring function, which enables different materials to be mixed, mixed, reacted, dissolved or crystallized by stirring. Anchor and blade combined mixing, frame and blade combined mixing, and screw and blade combined mixing are also commonly used.