The fermentor structure for anatomy fermentation can be more simple

Fermented tank and air rising fermenter. The fermenter for good gas fermentation is due to the need to access a lot of sterile air to the can, and for the purpose of accessing the air, it is more messy in the structure of the fermenter, which is commonly used.

The requirements for such fermentors are: can be turned off; accept must be pressure; there is a cooling equipment; minimize equipment, eliminate equipment, eliminate dead angles, easy to clean. The structure of the fermenter is more complicated. Today, I will tell you that fermentation equipment is cleaned to cleanse method! The fermenter equipment adopts an internal circulation, dispersing and crushing the bubble with stirring paddle, and its oxygen rate is high, and the mixing effect is good.

The tank is adopted by SUS304 or 316L imported stainless steel, and it is equipped with an automatic spray cleaning head to ensure that the production process meets GMP requirements. For the internal side angular angle, it is not easy craft beer brewery equipment Manufacturers to disinfect, and the general fermenter has an automatic cleaning device, completely sterilized after cleaning.

The fermentor structure for anatomy fermentation can be more simple. Therefore, traditional cleaning and sterilization methods do not play any effect. .Fermentation tank apparatus for cleaning sterilization in cans is a complex fermentation apparatus for internal structures.

Alcohol and beer are free fermentation products, and the fermenter does not need to pass expensive sterile air, and therefore, when the equipment is amplified, produced, and operated, it is much more than the good fermentation apparatus

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